Monday, September 27, 2010


This simple curd flavoured with fried ginger that goes well with almost all rice dishes except with chinese versions.Its damn easy to make as well.You may add chopped cucumber or tomatoes to the curd before pouring the seasoning over.I added some cubed and
seasoned lightly fried paneer to make it even more delectable!!

1)Curd--1 cup
2)Pinch of sugar, enough salt

3)Chopped ginger--3 tbsp
4)Sliced shallots--4

5)Mustard seeds--1 tsp
6)Urad dal or uzhunnu parippu--1/2 tsp
7)Split red chillies--3
8)Sliced green chillies--2
9)Curryleaves--2 sprigs

10)Very small cubes of paneer seasoned with some red chilli powder and salt--1/2 cup
11)Coconut oil or any other refined oil--2 tblsp

Take 1 cup of thick yoghurt and beat it well using a fork till smooth.. (Do not use a blender for beating it lest it would turn out to watery!).Add salt and a pinch of sugar.. Keep it aside.Heat a little oil in a non stick fry pan and lightly fry the paneer..Remove from oil and drain it on a kitchen paper..Mix it into the curd...Pour the remaining oil into the fry pan and splutter the mustard seeds followed by dal, red chillies, curry leaves, shallots and ginger till the ginger and shallots are brown in colour...Transfer the paneer-curd into a serving bowl and pour the ginger seasoning over it.. Mix it in only when the food is about to be served.Yummy Paneer ginger curd is ready!!


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  2. Cool and tasty dish...

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  3. very delicious raita ..never tried this combination of curd ginger n paneer ...sound really interesting ...must taste wonderful ..yummy ..thanks for sharing dear


  4. Nice n anything with yogurt!

    US Masala

  5. Great combo and looks delicious dear...

  6. Thanks mini for visiting me. You have a interesting collection of recipes.This is a new paneer thing for me..liked the addition of ginger !


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    Thanks for dropping by. I had a glance of your recipes .... they look wonderful.I will surely try reading them all.

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  8. Wow, your dish is so original, and it looks so delicious. Don't think I've ever had paneer with ginger...great combination.

  9. Cool and refreshing