Friday, September 24, 2010


This is an old favorite of the family..A recipe that belongs to mom's generation..Its very easy to whip up and makes wonderful dessert for a dinner party..You may serve it with chocolate sauce in addition to crushed nut butterscotch..Personally I prefer to have it plain , with a light sprinkling of crushed caramalized nuts.


1)Nestle condensed milk--1 tin
2)PlainMilk--3 tins
3)China grass(Agar Agar) --12 gms
4 )Water--1 1/2 cups
5)Cashewnuts -- 3/4 cup
6) Vanilla essence --2 drops
7)Cocoa--2 tablespoons
8)cashewnuts--1/4 cup for caramalizing
9)sugar--6 heaped tablespoons
10)butter--1 tsp
11) sugar to caramalize--1/4 cup

Soak nuts in 1 tin of milk.. After 1 hour grind it well or coarsely.Soak china grass in water for 30 mnts..Gently heat it over low flame till it is completely dissolved..(sometimes a little may remain undissolved.. don't worry)..Meanwhile,mix condensed milk, sugar and the remaining 2 tins of milk, and bring to a boil stirring well.. Reduce flame and add the dissolved china grass .. Mix well.. Take it off the fire and strain it.. Add the cashew nut paste and 2 drops of vanilla and mix very well.. Divide it into two portions.. From one portion take out a little, in a small bowl , and stir in cocoa .Pour it back into the same portion. Stir well again.... Now take a clear glass dish, pour half of the brown mixture.. Let it set slightly in the fridge.. Will take only a few minutes.. Take it out and pour half of the white mixture over the brown layer... Repeat the process... The top layer should be white..(In the picture I have used three layers.. Top layer is light green in colour..)..Let set slightly before pouring each layer.. Decorate with a few whole nuts covered with caramel and cherries..Chill it well..Serve in slices,sprinkled with crushed nut butter scotch .
Caramalize the sugar with butter in a heavy bottomed pan till browm.. Add the broken cashew nuts..Stir well for a few seconds and pour it into a greased dish and spread it out to cool down ..Crush it coarsely.. Keep it in an air tight container.
After adding the china grass even if you don't refrigerate the mixture it will start to set as it cools down... In case it happens,to melt it warm it gently over a low flame, stirring all the time.


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  2. Great one Mini, will make this for lunch tomorrow and show you, how good it turned out.The finale' picture is superb, mind blowing shot, perfect imagination and color combination

  3. yummy dessert! love the presentation!