Sunday, October 24, 2010


Have ever wondered what to do with the raw plantain all black and ugly, still somewhat firm but no longer raw ,that has has been left forgotten all thoses days,at the bottom of the veg rack of the fridge!?And have guiltily thrown them out into the waste bin?Pls do not do that again.Give them a delicious make over by turing them into this wonderful Raitha .
1.Raw plantains that have just started to turn ripe(shud be little sweet!)---4 nos
2)Tomatoes cubed--2 medium
3)Green chillies--3 sliced
4)Button onions--3 sliced
5)Curry leaves--3 sprigs
6)Oil --2 tblsp
7)Kashmiri chilli powder--1/2 tsp
8)Mustard seeds--1 tsp
9)Urad dal--1/2 tsp
10) Red chillies split--2 nos
11)Whole black pepper--1 tsp
12)Sliced onions--2 tbsp
13)Coconut grated--3/4 cup
14)Thick slightly sour yoghurt--3/4 cup
Cook the cubed plantains with sliced green chillies , button onions, two sprigs of curry leaves and salt.. It will get cooked very fast.. When three fourth done, add the cubed tomatoes and cook till the plantains turn mushy..Switch off the flame.

Grind the grated coconut with half the yoghurt , till creamy,and pour it into the cooked plantain tomato mixture..Stir in the rest of the yoghurt,as well .

Now for the seasoning, heat oil in a frying pan, and splutter the mustard seeds followed by the urad dal, black pepper,split red chillies,few curry leaves,red chilli powder, turmeric powder, and finally the sliced onions till the onions turn brown...Pour it into the Raitha and mix well before use.

This Raitha goes well with almost all rice dishes, especially the Indian versions.


  1. this is one universal raita I guess. I can use it as chutney as well. Hats off to the grey matter which came up with this idea!

  2. Lovely..looks so good, will surely try this

  3. This sooo looks very good, i bet this taste yum...thanks for all your kind words Mini, i vaguely remember this raitha when i was staying with my friend in Kerala, nostalgic :)

  4. This raita looks so good... A must try!